Thomas Tops

Friendly triceratops fellow.

Turdly Joe Brown

Worried not how he stinks.


Space man been to so many place man.


Tanny D.

Tannest dog on the block.


Wet yellow lips and two sets of hips!

Tiny Titty Turtle

Well know for his little boobs.

The Desirable Mr. Stuff

Ladies love mister stuff.


Troll bird.

Terrific Dumpling


Texas Snowman

While common in the north, quite rare in the south.

Three Eyed Grandpa

Wise beyond belief, also wise to not believe him.


Smells like a dead cat carries huge amounts of guns too shoot you.

Tibble Impdrome

Butt is hurting from too much happy pooping.

Taingo Ray

Nervousness makes him eat his hands.

Tickle tree

Falling asleep under a tickle tree, you could pee from the tickles you’ll receive.

The Great Baggoo

Leader of great chants.

Tender Lee

Hands up! Tender Lee you are under arrest for being too sweeeet.

Tooter Poo

Farting Turd.


When Talky talks milk comes out, it’s weird man.

Teal City Duck

Wanders dantan lookin fera Wholey’s fish sandwish.

Too Loose

Loosing his marbles.

Turd Bird

“Doo Do Doodle Doo” cries the Turd Bird.

12 Month Old Mold

Achieved a happy texture

Troll Killer

Sneaks up on the troll then does tricky things to kill it.