Squa’ray Simpleton

Brains blue and very mushy, bum squarish angular tushy.

Slumba Sam

Is he sleeping standing up?


Barking the blues.

Slymee T.

Slippery young turd.

The Smoosher Man

Crushing hugs & smiling mugs .

Sleepy Monkey

Joke about the jungle and the tree, but don’t joke banana when sleepy.


Born from a lump of dirt.

Splashy Sploo

All over blue all over you splashed Splashy Sploo.



Shoopa is a little poopa.

Shit Cat

Meow that had to hurt coming out.

Soul of Doll

Where is its lumpy casing?


Swirl Dragon

Swinging tails, green and grabby, those are tails, his bum’s not flabby.

Super Kat

Pow Super Kat!

Wow Super Kat!

Super Kat GO!!!

Spirit Chicken

Eat to replenish lost spirit.

Spoony Scoops

Melting but happy.

Steve Steven Stevens

Wandering woodsman.


Destroyer of level 11.

Slender Loris

Very vine vfeeling.


Island friend.

Sunny B.

Eats sunshine and poos clouds.

Soggybottom  Waterman

Down by the river’s floor you can splash his house’s door.

Slappy Pappy

Old squishy guy.

Sunshine Gnome

Wise old Gnome.

Sunny Ray

They say Ray you’re very bright!

Stinkfoot Brown

Deeply stinky feet create stink holes in the ground where they sleep.


Pretty Doll.

Sonny Pepprochini

Running thru the streets.

Naked with enthusiasm.

Sonny Pepprochini is a true fan.

Sugar Cone

Rainbow cone!


Meditations and milkshakes, brought revelations .

Slim Twisty

Dancing the butterfly twist.

Once upon a cold day Sven bundled up warm.

Seamonkey Doo

Flexing his blub he called for another snack.


Cupid’s cousin.


Black bunny.

Squashy Butt

Once upon a Tuesday, a butternut squash and butt fell in love, Squashy Butt is the proof.

Silly Milly

Baby girl wif a grill.

Sprinkle Spirit

Sprinkle spirits inside of busses make the floors look like that...


Antarctic buddy.

Spinach Lips

Leaf his breath alone, he can’t help it.


Welcome totem.