Sweet Bug

If you smash her and smell the goo it smells sweet.


One whole scab makes up the happy face of Scabby.

Skeleton Closet Bug
Insect who feeds on the skeletons on your closet.

Splat the Juicy

Ran over by an automobile.


Silent wet chubby sea spirit Skub’o.

Scrambled Legs
Amazing dancer.


Straitjacket Jim

Never a peep from this twisted silent kreep.

Stanley Starman

Stanley farts ions.


Next to a fish Splish would splash.


Pink bottom bubble, wears a mask, causes trouble.

Sheepy Doll

Very odd sheep.

Sparkle Butt

When she opens her mouth sparkles and bubbles pop out!

Slippery Mick
There are  two things Slippery Mick is about. One, being slippery, two, lookin’ fly!


Honeybear of the sea.

Sausage Tail Cat

Delicious if you can eat one.

Smoochy Moochi
Sunnybean mouse.


Listen, can you hear that howl, it’s the shit wolf.

Sweet Eye Slim
Lemon on vacation to the beach.


Zo kay 2 luc n laf.

Strawberry Goose
Yummy creature of pure imagination .


He’s all over the place.


Shakky Boobalah

Scurrying thru clouds of hazy purple, shaking its moneymakers.

Shimmy Shimmy Pinklips

Those neon kisses from those lips a name. Shimmy Shimmy Pinklips they were saying.

Silver Bunns

Treasured lips and a puffy tail.

Strawberry Strange

Give us a cherry hug.

Scary Cherry

Drinking icy redrum with Scary Cherry, we would sing fa fa  fa, cool songs.


Inverted carrot lilly pad duck.

Darkness and mystery surrounds Scaryman.

Super Blooper

Heroic bumbler.

Slap Jack

Somebody tried to take Slap Jack’s yumms, he slapped that fool, end of story.


In the sea Shell sees shells at the shore.