Lightning Poo

Although  there is a cumbersome poo attached to her mumu, she has no trouble making friends.

Lord Zubbe

Famous speeches given by Lord Zubbe include one called “Free Candy For All Dolls”.

Liberace Versace

Singing runway model.


Longfello Bunns

Distinguished English mustached hare.

Lord Blusterfield

His frosty mustache is cooler than cool, it’s ice cold.

Limberger McCheeze

Strange smelly old pilgrim.

Lascar Burton

If you think his chin scar is gnarly, you should see the other guy.

Little Koala

Time to eat some trees.


Louise Lipps.


So tuff, if you ask him how he lost his arm, he’ll say ”what?”.

Lemony Poo

Lemony Poo has two faces, one is happy one is sad, one on one side, one on the other side.

Lillypad Lonnel

Froggy stylin.

Luke the Lion

Roars a sweet roar .

Lightnin’ Bunnz

Phosphorescent chemicals in their bellies make them glow at night,

a beautiful sight .


Zena’s Doll.


Lazer James

Lazer James is on vacation.

Lucinda Loco

How many times can you spin on your toe before you go  loco?

Lord Marshmallow

Sugarer of all he purveys.

Loopy Lou
Likes to hang around.


Far in the future lasers will bend, The year’s 2550 we can be robot friends.

Leek the Leek

Simply put he’s a Leek.

Little Doggy Moe

Sniff sniff goes Moe’s big pink nose.

Lord Worddyton
People say he has a library filled with books filled with words...