Hans the Intrepid

Sailor Squid.



Strong beast found in the Korean mountains.

Hair Groopa

You hear a sound, like a duck or a fart, your friend,Hair Groopa is  saying hello.

Happy Pappy

Did you ever meet an old gut that’s so friggin happy, that’s happy pappy.

Heebee Jeebee

Kreeps around with no arms.

Humble Mumblebutt

Friendly furry solid bug buddy.


He paints his horns each morning so he’ll stand out during the day.

Hamburger Patty

Darling old granny out for a night on the town.


Daring entertainer.


Not a girl.  Look closer...

Hashimi Hoo

Seen by the light of the moon.

Humphrey Him

One mile tall.

Hot Drink Ni Ni

Summer thirst, about to burst, cool sips, hot lips, hot pink, drink drink!


Ready to dance the night away in his suspenders.

Happy Pocket Poof

Little tiny Pocket poof lives in Janna’s pocket book!

Harefield Eggburger

Harefield is fearless.

Happy Ninja

Seen here with his mask pulled down, I think he just finished a bowl of ramen noodles.


Kreepy Hanzo, beware.

Hyde the Unforgiving

Not a sympathetic bone in his body, actually no bones at all.

Happy Little Bean Girl

Eat a bowl, then you toot, happy little bean girl, she so cute.

Hank Henri Dimonbriches

Fancy pants are in style right now, you’ll see the sparkling twinkling thinks walking all over the city.

Heavy Rain

Stings the skin when it falls.

Happy Plate

Chops veggies for you!


While happily hugging everything in site he got the nickname Huggles!

Happiness Bunny

Joyful Kreep.


Works as a pizza deliverer.


Sleeps under water with only its blue nostrils above the surface.



Living hair ball beauty.