Captain Nice Guy

Sweetheart sea spirit.

Cat Lump

Regurgitated cat chow come alive, to party.

Chirpy Hoo

Landing is not easy when you have no legs.


Donated both arms to some one who ended up just being an arm collector and not really in need of arms.

Yella Dawgee

Howls at the blue moon.

Choco Lover

Choco shares his favorite snacks.

Captain Rumgarbages Pet Monkey

Eats the jewels Rumgarbage steals.

Cutie Patooty Flavor Ice Cream

Giggle yum, giggle.

Crab Apple Johnson

Down for whatever.


He’s the man for his time and place,he smells a little because of his cigar but he is so  cool.

Caught Blue Handed

Graffiti ghost.

China Town Spirit

Ghostly inhabitation sometimes involves paper tagging as a remedy.


Can create illusions, that trick all the senses .


Specializes in yummy soups using roots and fruits that cause toots.

Clause the Falconer

His Red Falcon’s name is Omphalos.

Crooked Plunger

Living under you toilet, oh, what fun!

Chocolate Palm Tree

This sweet tree produces sweets.

Carl Hungus

Adult Actor.


Drives a red sports car, it’s a convertible, chicks are into it.

Chicken Party Chicken

Ba gawk party on the block cluck cluck.

Cool Ted

Always in the middle of the crowd .

Colonjallo Flababee

Insect hip hop pioneer .


Wanted to be on the Cheerleading squad, but as it turns out has a fear of pompoms .


Coochy the cute cat .


Named after a warrior.

Cactus Cat

Desert dweller whose tail is a delicacy, to those who dare try to eat it...


Q: And what was it you last ate?

A: Cherrie

Q: Is it true you can only say cherrie?

A: Cherrie