Benny Bear

Riki’s bear.

Bon Bon
Flying cotton tail Gypsy sprite.

Bleedle Doo

Popular for his relaxation method, which he released as a book on cd called “Bleedle Doo’s Just Chillin”.


Eats pencils and poops number 2s.


Bubble Jim
Gummy bunns are good bunns!

Blue Warlock

Evil magician!

Brokeass Chicken Clucker

Wears a diaper and socks out in the backyard.

Baby Comet

Across the skies backwards thru time Baby Comet flies.


Sad because she finished her sandwich in one bite.

Boon Duckles

Theres a bend in the road up around where you meet the Boon Duckles.

Very blark looking fellow.


Enigmatic poet girl.

Big Frog

Eats big bugs and candy slugs.

Butterscotch Lou

People are always walking up and saying  to him “Butterscotch Lou, would it be ok for me to taste you?” But its false advertising cause he tastes like a shoe.

Beach Bum

Chilllin, contemplating whales and their implications.

Burbunks Wetfut
Lives on the Nile.


Soaking wet and blue with slop, look out Bubbil bubbles pop!

Bunny Q. Squeeze

Love target on his chest makes him easy prey.

Bronze Bean

Not a bean, not bronze, lives in the same forest as the Talking Wallnut, a rare bird.

Blathering Nozzle Head

Rarely ever stops blabbing.

Booger Dog

Soft and goopy happy dooggy poopy.



Bixley has a fourth eye on the backside of his head, it confuses him .

Bloo Bones

Rolls in the mist when the mist rolls in and then they roll together.

Bobby Boo
Mr. & Mrs. Boo’s son.
Bear Queen Nono & Phantasm Bear
Tonight in the bluest black behind your back they will attack.

Boo Monk Doo

Rarest monkey.

Bones Jones

About an hour ago Bones lost one of his bones.