Busted Baby

Poor nameless boo boo.

Fancy Bunnz

Only eats the finest carrots.

Blue Klube

Blue Organism.

Ghost Gnat

Buzzing in your ear invisibly.

Dr. Squibble

University Doc.

Get Reddie

Got ta’ get Reddie!

Purple Sucker

Killer eggplant.

Bobby Devil

Harmless Demon.

Viking Baby Charm

It is.

Fred Whitehead

Puss filled buddy.

Rainbow Ghoul

Sunny Ghost.

Whitey Bad Nose

Bearer of bad nose.

Two Headed Snake

Good pet for twins.

Arrow Head

Flying  boy.

Poopy Pants Poopy Pants

Poop in pants.

Brown Seal baby

Wounded Baby Seal.

Wonder Wolf

Treasured pet wolf.

Socky Boo

Never takes off those socks.

Worm Brain Puppy

Brain eating worms are cool !

Interdiment Glowing Boy

Space stations in him house cosmonauts.

Boo Lightning

Energy ghost.


Stalker of Mice.

Rotten Tarnation

On a bone.

Wandering Baby Boy

wanders in the lost cities of tomorrow world.

Happy Blue Heart With Bones

Happy blue heart with bones.


Dark and magical.

Plooper Bloo

Rain dressed for snow.

Invisible Things

Things you can not usually see.

Mr. Rockets

Spaceship Man.

Buzz Buzz Drip

Happy place in bugs grow.


Tropical tree.

Combustable Sally

She’s on fire.


Squiddy ghost.

Idaneeben Nawhertabegin

Outer space plant person.


Shovels of love.

Fancy Bear

Only the fanciest bear ever.

Rad Devil

Buys his hair dye at the beach.

The Flying Clump

Able to leap tall buildings with a single clump.


Tooty fruity rooty friend.

Hawallyouce Piemangle

Creature from  unknown.


Do not eat Freakmeat.


Wild tiny devil.

Mighty Whitey

Super hero with too much power, and no arms.

Ving Ving

Beautiful chicken.


Lucky charm.

B.G. Smooches

Bubble Gum Smooches.

Zoopity Zoop

Flies on wings of pity.

Burning Spell Page

Magical scrap.