Cabbage Foot

Sleeps under fridge, comes running out when it smells cabbage.

The Foggy Wanderer

Only appears in fog, vaporously passing all round you.


Purple robots feel no pain.

Happy Spit

Oh my look at it but don’t go step in it.


Invisible ghost sad because he’s invisible.

Glitter Bean

All that glitters is not bean.

The King’s Skull

Now you have it will you be king?


When no one is looking Lurr is.

Killer Jello

Some call it the blob!

The Garbage Burglar’s Head

Hang’s out behind the dumpster.

Mr. Poopyneck

He’s feeling crappy, but he’s happy.

One Eyed Green Beast

It’s a horrid thang.


Spoiled meat.

Kreepy Beans

Mainly farts to attract other beans.

Muddy Bean

Bean buddy you are all muddy.

Squeeky Squee

Scared bean baby.

Green Rectangle Head

Thousands are scattered around Green Island’s rectangle shores.

Pancake V.


Carrot Turd

Do not eat him.

Reddy Ornot

Inedible fruit I repeat: Fruit Inedible.



Utterly weird.

Ducky Chan

Does his own stunts.

Mellow Cat

Mello man dude is a real mello cat man.

Donaldson Droopydrip

Sad to be so wet.

Sharky Pete

It’s dark in the belly of a shark.


Bonked his head.


Victim of a hot shot of rot.

Spinach Horse

Eating a Spinach Horse fills you with spunk.

White Wallace

Puffy Toughguy.


Military secret robot.

Seedy Shadows

Scary Cornbird.

Leftover Larry

After all Larry was left.

Paul M. Tree

Shady friend.

Jack Lambert

Sheepish man.

Minute Whale

Old as the sea, born yesterday.

Wee Red Ridin’ Hood

To grandmother’s house we go.

Roy Wormison

Striped singing worm.

Hairy Bean.

Extremely hairy beans are rare.


Exactly why and how it attacks is uncertain.

Larry Nippleman

Very old nipple.

Sardini The Great

Once drank the Pacific Ocean.

Vitchkoff The Bear Head

Floats around refusing to wrestle.

Peppertown Ghost

You will sneeze and be brought to your Knees.


The traveling head.


Pale from living in a tiny box.


Part of the wall part of the scenery.

Flying Tooter

Poofs around, smells funny .

Green Bunns

Leaves the tinyest rabbit turds ever.

Shrivled Poo Gnome

Dances leaving brown dots on the floor.


Blue flame found at night.

Arterial Friend

Clump of blood and smiles.

Sweet Little Pickle

He’ll tickle your nickel.

Fuff Grass

Grass root, two legs for to scoot.

Real Treasure Map

It tickles when you X the spot.


Electric Kitten.

Leonard’s Tooth

Forgotten lyrics lie silent in the teeth.